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"The Untold Renaissance": Ikire Jones Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook.

It’s all dapper hommes, suave strides and bold prints and patterns in Nigerian designer Wale Oyejide’s Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook for his brand Ikire Jones.

“This collection pays homage to 18th century textiles and tapestries while exploring the absence of persons of color in Medieval and Renaissance-era European art.  Borrowing from the sampling method employed in hip hop culture, each reinvented piece tells an original narrative from the perspective of Africans who have been placed in an alien context.  Through this reverse lens to the past, the present circumstances of individuals who feel displaced and alienated may also be considered.”

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Little sneak peek from yesterday’s shoot.  Bikini bottoms happening this week! #chubbycartwheels #mermaidrealness


Little sneak peek from yesterday’s shoot. Bikini bottoms happening this week! #chubbycartwheels #mermaidrealness

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Bodysuit: Chubby Cartwheels


Bodysuit: Chubby Cartwheels

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New riiiiings!

Eyeball ring and Sushi ring, each $7 and available in any size!

Eyeball ring on Etsy.

Sushi ring on Etsy.

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#look at these cute things Ray made 

TransWomen of Color Ruining Your Life


TransWomen of Color Ruining Your Life

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Saint Laurent | Fall 2014


Saint Laurent | Fall 2014


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So, this is actually a bit of a special OotD!  SWAK Designs ( recently sent me some of their pieces to try out and I thought I would share with you guys.

Dress ~ SWAK Designs (2x)
Vest ~ SWAK Designs (2x)
Tights ~ Catherines (5x/6x)
Shoes ~ Journeys (11)
Belt ~ ASOS Curve
Headband ~ Walmart
Necklace ~
Bracelet ~ DIY

I’m sporting the Classic Denim Vest by SWAK and I have to say it’s one of my favorite plus size denim vests to date.  The material is incredibly soft and also stretchy, something that is hard to come by when it comes to vests of the denim variety.  The fit is very comfortable while still being fitted enough to not look bulky.  I’m totally looking forward to adorning this with my favorite brooches and using it for many different styles/outfits.

Juliet Dress (in black) has officially topped the list for basic/black plus size dresses
 I own.  I cannot even begin to describe how soft, comfortable, and enjoyable this is to wear (I mean really, I could sleep in it).  The material has wonderful stretch to it and the shape of the dress is very lovely and feminine.  While being basic, it has nice little touches like the scooped neckline, ruched bust, and sleeve length that keeps it far from bland.  On top of that, it’s extremely easy to accessorize and incorporate into a myriad of looks.  For instance, this is one of the only things in my closet that works really well with my healing crystal accessories. 

So far, SWAK definitely has an A+ in my book and I would definitely recommend checking them out!

Note: I definitely like this look better without tights, but seeing as Kentucky’s weather is so sporadic (and bone chilling, as of late) just wasn’t doable on this particular day.
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